This is a typical web 2.0 application. Here you can find, take care of and share bookmarks with others. Her you will learn how to use this application. But first take a look at this video:

  1. Go to
  2. First we will see if we can find some bookmarks of interest
    1. Make a search for something you are interested in
    2. Did you find something of interest?
  3. Register by clicking on register ( up to the left) and install Buttons in the browser
  4. Go to one of your favourite websites and click on the Tag-button. Fill in description, notes and tags.
  5. You can use tags options (down on the right side) and bundle tags. Bundles are a way to arrange previously-used tags into groups. For example, if you have the tags "design", "painting", and "moma", you may want to group these together into a bundle called "art". To create a new bundle, type the name of the bundle and click create. You can then start entering tags by clicking on the tag cloud below, or by typing tags directly into the text box. To remove a tag, click on the tag in the cloud or delete it from the text box. When you are finished, you must remember to hit the save changes button, or your changes will be lost. I have done this by subjects that I am teaching in.
  6. Discuss with another person in the group: how can you use in the classroom?